Root Canal Therapy

Service & Procedures – Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy (RCT) consists of removing the nerve from the inside of the tooth and placing an inert filling material into the space.

Why we do this…
Root Canal Therapy is indicated when decay reaches the nerve chamber causing irreversible damage to the nerve. Sometimes the nerve may “die” due to some type of trauma or occasionally for unknown reasons and will abscess. Normally upon successful completion of the RCT, the properly restored tooth will continue to function as a normal tooth. Root canal treatment is approximately 90% successful. In those few cases that it is not successful, loss of the tooth is inevitable, or root canal surgery, or root canal re-treatment may be necessary.

What happens if this is not done….
Eventual or immediate loss of the tooth.

How we do it…
Root Canal Therapy is performed by:

• Making a small opening on the tooth
• Consequently, the infected tissues are removed from the canal and the empty canals are enlarged slightly.
• Filling material, which seals and medicates the canal(s) is placed.
• The tooth is now ready for final restoration. Usually a crown is indicated to protect the tooth.